About Us

TaiZhou Dingquan plastic products Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional hanger manufacturers.
Through the effective global supply chain, we believe that we can maximize the products value in the future.

三级A片To achieve this goal, we search the characteristics of garment hangers and strength; develop more styles to meet customers’ requirements; control the waste of resources and protect the environment.

三级A片Over the years, we have a thorough understanding in the supply and retail of clothing, through this experience, and we can provide consumers the best hangers and service. Our salesmen are well trained; they could handle your issues reasonably.

We are committed to exploring new ways to reduce the cost, which is we are working for. We can provide the variety products and the highest production standards to meet customers’ different requirement.

三级A片We believe the performance of our product, we pride that all customers have the confidence to use our products. Our products meet the applicable standards norm, and we can supply the test report according to customer requests.

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